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Ethnic Toolkits - Family Tree Magazine
Global Gazetteer
World GenWeb Project
Hispanic Genealogy
International Internet Genealogical Society Project Registry Team

Asian Countries

Asian Gen Web Project


Afghanistan Gen Web Project


Armenia Gen Web Project


Bangladesh Genealogy


Bhutan Genealogy


Chinese Historical Society of America
China Gen Web Project
Chinese Roots - help for those who don't read Chinese


Thackers - & others - Directories
Historical Maps of India
Family History in India


Indonesia Gen Web Project


Japan Gen Web Project


Malaysia - World Gen Web


Pakistan Gen Web Project

South Korea

South Korea Gen Web Project


Laos Gen Web Project

Union of Myanmar

Union of Myanmar Gen Web Project


Nepal Genealogy


Philippines Gen Web Project
Philippines Research Outline


Singapore Gen Web Project

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Gen Web Project


Taiwan Gen Web Project


Tibet Gen Web Project


Thailand Gen Web Project


Vietnam Gen Web Project

Eastern European Countries

Turn-of-the-century Postcards & Photographs
Library of Congress Slavic Cyrillic Transliteration Table
East European Genealogical Society
Slavophila - Slavic & East European Resources
Repositories of Primary Sources: Europe
Genealogy Resources on the Internet: Eastern European Resources
E-Transcriptum - Free Translation Service
East Europe Gen Web
Eastern Europe - Cyndi's List
Federation of East European Family History Societies
Heraldry on the Internet, Coats of Arms, Family Crests
World Resources at Rootsweb
Backpackers Ultimate Guide to Europe
IGI Batch Numbers


Albania Gen Web Project
Albania Genealogy Forum
Albania Mailing Lists
Albanian Cultural Heritage
Yahoo! Clubs - Albania
The Rupublic of Albania Embassy
National Albanian American Council


Austria Gen Web Project


National Historical Archives of Belarus in Grodno
National Historical Archives of Belarus
English-Belarusian Dictionary
Belarusian Genealogy
Belarus Research - Genealogy
Belarus Message Boards
Belarus: History & Famous Personalities
Belarus Gen Web Project


Bosnia-Herzegovina Gen Web Project
Bosnia & Herzegovina Genealogy Forum
Bosnian Telephone Directory
Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina Washington, D.C.


Bulgaria Gen Web Project
Bulgaria Genealogy Forum
Bulgaria Mailing Lists
History of Bulgaria 681-1944
Bulgarian-Macedonian National Educational & Cultural Center


Embassy of the Republic of Croatia to the USA
Croatian State Archives
Croatian Genealogical & Heraldic Society (CGHS)
RootsWeb's Guide to Tracing Family Trees: Croatians & Slovenians
Croatian Roots Professional Genealogical Research Services
Croatian Heritage
Croatian Genealogy Links
Croatia Mailing Lists
Croatia Genealogy Homepage - FEEFHS
Croatia Gen Web Project

Czech Republic

Czech-Slovak Interest Group of Eastside Genealogical Society - King, Pierce, & Snohomish counties, Washigton
National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library
Embassy of the Czech Republic in Washington, D.C.
Czechoslavak Genealogical Society International
Archives of the Czechs & Slovaks Abroad
Czech Gen Web Project
Czech Genealogical Word List - quick guide to common words you'll run across in research
Czech Republic & Slovakia - Cyndi's List
Czech Republic Mailing Lists
Genealogical Research in the Czech Republic
Its All Relative Genealogy - Slovak & Czech Genealogy
Online English-Czech Dictionary
RootsWeb's Guide to Tracing Family Trees: Czechs & Slovaks
A Guide for Researching Your Roots in the Slovak and Czech Republics


National Library of Estonia
Estonian Historical Archives
Estonian Genealogical Society
Estonian American National Council
How To Find Relatives in Estonia
Estonia Message Boards
English-Estonian Dictionary
Estonia Gen Web Project


Finland Gen Web Project
DIS Finland Database
Institute of Migration - Emigrant Register
Beginner's Guide to Finnish Family History Research
Family History Finland - World Gen Website
Finnish & Finnish-American Web Resources and Information - links
Institute of Migration - Emigrant Register - searchable databases of passenger, passport and other records
Genealogical Society of Finland - database of church records
Finnish National Archives - online database
Finnish-American Historical Society of the West
History of Finland
Helsinki City Library
Finnish Genealogical Word List
Finland Research Outline
National Land Survey of Finland - maps
Finland Mailing Lists


Finland Festivals
Virtual Finland - Information/Facts


Village of Bikacs, Tolna - Donauschwaben (Danube-Swabian)
Village of Herczegfalva (now Mezofalva), Fejer
Schondorf in the Banat
National Archives of Hungary
Budapest City Archives
American Hungarian Library & Historical Society
American Hungarian Foundation
RootsWeb's Guide to Tracing Family Trees: Hungarians
Radix - Genealogy research in Hungary
Online English-Hungarian-English Dictionary
Hungary Mailing Lists
Hungarian Names 101
Hungarian Links
Hungarian Heraldry
Hungarian Genealogy
Hungary Gen Web Project
Hungarian Genealogical Word List


Macedonia Heraldry Society
Macedonian Republic Genealogy Forum
Genealogy Macedonia
Macedonian Republic Mailing Lists
Macedonian White Pages
State Archives of the Republic of Macedonia
Bulgarian-Macedonian National Educational & Cultural Center


Moldova Message Boards
Moldova Gen Web Project


Romanian Folk Art Museum & Gift Gallery
Romanian American Heritage Center
Romanian Cultural Center - New York
Romanian Embassy in Washington, D.C.
Bukovina Society of the Americas
White Pages of Romania
Romanian Genealogy Research
Romanian-English Dictionary
Romanian Cookbook
Romania Mailing Lists
Romania (Rumania) Homepage - FEEFHS
Links to Romania
Emigration/Romanian Ancestry
Romania Gen Web Project


Russian-American Genealogical Archival Service
Russian Life Magazine
Russia Nobility Genealogy
Russian Message Boards
Researching Russian Roots
Petersburg Genealogical Portal">Molokan Home Page
Doukhobor Names
Dictionary of Russian Period Names
ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia
All Russia Family Tree
Russia Gen Web Project
Researching Russian Roots

Slovak Republic

Metzenseifen, Slovakia
Czech-Slovak Interest Group of Eastside Genealogical Society - King, Pierce, & Snohomish counties, Washigton
National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library
Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Washington, D.C.
Slovak Gen Web Project
Czech Republic & Slovakia - Cyndi's List
Its All Relative Genealogy - Slovak & Czech Genealogy
RootsWeb's Guide to Tracing Family Trees: Czechs & Slovaks
A Guide for Researching Your Roots in the Slovak and Czech Republics
Slovak-English-German Dictonary
The Guide to the Slovak Republic
Slovak Republic Mailing Lists
Slovak Telephone Directory
Archives of the Czechs & Slovaks Abroad


Slovenia Gen Web Project
Slovenia Mailing Lists
RootsWeb's Guide to Tracing Family Trees: Croatians & Slovenians
Regional Archives of Maribor
Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia, Washington, D.C.
Archives of the Republic of Slovenia (ARS)
Slovenian Genealogical Society International
Origin of Slovene Surnames
Genealogy & Heraldry in Slovenia


Ukraine Museum-Archives in Cleveland, Ohio
Archives of Ukraine
Ukrainian Linguistic Resources On-Line
Ukraine Message Boards
InfoUkes - Information Resource about Ukraine & Ukrainians
Ukraine Gen Web Project


Yugoslavia Gen Web Project
Serbia Gen Web
Yugoslavia Mailing Lists
Serbia Mailing Lists
Serbian Unity Congress
Montenegrin Association of America
Cultural Society of South Slavs (CSSS)
Archives of Yugoslavia
History of the Archives of Serbia
Serbia Genealogy Forum
Montenegro Genealogy Forum

African Countries

Turn-of-the-century Postcards & Photographs
Africa Gen Web Project
North Africa Discussion List



Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire)

Ivory Coast Gen Web Project


Ghana Gen Web Project








Genealogy in Namibia


Nigeria Gen Web Project

South Africa

South African Genealogy
South Africa
Heather's South African Genealogy Help List






Zimbabwe Gen Web Project

Mediterranean Countries

Turn-of-the-century Postcards & Photographs
Repositories of Primary Sources: Europe
Mediterranean Gen Web Project


Azores Gen Web Project
Azores: A source of immigration to the Americas


France GenWeb
French Genealogical Word List
France Research Outline
French Republican Calendar Research Outline
France Mailing Lists
French Refugees in Great Britain in the Early 1700s
Commonwealth War Graves in Honfleur, Normandy - Northern France
1755: The French and Indian War - list of soldiers, history, bibliography
Acadian Cultural Society - brief history of Acadians, surname list and Acadian links
American French Genealogical Society - birth, marriage and baptism compilations, etc
American-French Genealogical Society - offers list of common French Canadian surnames & variations, including dit names
Beginner's Guide to Researching French Ancestry - walks you through different kinds of French records to fill in your family tree
Bibliotheque Genealogique et d'Histoire Social - request copies of material from family studies,microfilms,periodicals,etc
Bibliotheque Nationale de France - National Library of France's holdings online
CimGen Web Database - French database of cemetery inscriptions
Cyndi's List: France - 300+ links for exploring your French ancestry
France Genealogy Links - include databases of pre-1900 marriage records, those guillotined in French Rev. - French news, culture and travel links
Franco-Gene - Franco-American and Canadian genealogy contacts, lists, boards, etc
French Government Tourist Office
French Migration Resource Center - queries, links and resources about French migration and genealogy
French-English Dictionary
French-English-French Translation Program - babelfish
Geneactes - databases of French civil records
GeneaGuide - articles on genealogical research in France, & tips for writing overseas
Index of Towns (French) - compilation lists French town names w/ department where they're located today,etc
Les Pages Jaunes - French Yellow Pages to search business and residential telephone directories
National Archives of Canada - search archives' holdings for your French Canadian ancestors
National Huguenot Society - list of documented Huguenot ancestors, online resources and publications
Theriault Acadian Family - Acadian history, migration&heritage; library of traditional French&Acadian songs
Yahoo! French links - French links - 50+ French and French-English dictionaries online


Greece Gen Web Project
Greek Heritage & Genealogy


Italy Gen Web Project
Italian Genealogical Word List
Italy Research Outline
San Fele Village
Pursuing Our Italian Names Together - POINT
Italian Genealogical Society of America
American Italian Heritage Association - AIHA
Sant'Ippolito Genealogical Society
Data Banks on Italian Emigrants to US, Argentina & Brazil
Italian Genealogical Society of America
Marche Region - Italy World Gen Web
Vatican City
Families from Marano Marchesato, Cosenza, Calabria, Italy
Ted Saselli's Italian Genealogy
Italian Ancestry
Italian Genealogical Group
Italian Genealogical Society of America
Italian Genealogy Home Page
Italian Genealogy Online
Italian Records - User Submitted
Italy World GenWeb
Made in Italy
My Italian Family
National Italian American Foundation
Pursuing Our Italian Names Together
Virtual Italia
Italian Heraldry, Nobility & Genealogy
Italian Genealogy, Heritage, Culture & Databases on the WWW
Italian Occupations and their English Equivalents
Italy Maps
Italian Genealogy Mailing Lists


Papagaia's Journey of Discovery


Malta Gen Web Project


Portugal Gen Web Project
Portuguese Genealogical Word List
Portugal Mailing Lists
Portuguese Postal Codes
Online English - Portuguese - English Dictionary
Portugal Atlas
Portugal - Perry Castaneda Library Map Collection
Portuguese Genealogy Resources
Portuguese Historical Museum - San Jose, California, USA
Portuguese Passenger Ship Master List
Portugese Genealogy Links
American-Portuguese Genealogical & Historical Society
Portuguese WWW Resources
Portugese Libraries, Archive & Documentation Services on the Internet
Spain, Portugal & the Basque County - Cyndi's List
Genealogia e Heraldica Portuguesa - Portuguese Genealogy and Heraldry


Spain Gen Web Project
Spanish Genealogical Word List
Online English-Spanish-English Dictionary
Spanish Archives
Spain Mailing Lists
Si, Spain
Royal House of Bourbon
Spanish Genealogy
Hispanic Genealogy Sources
CIDA Database
Spain, Portugal & the Basque County - Cyndi's List
Heraldica y Genealogia - Heraldry for Surnames of Spanish Origin

Caribbean Islands

Caribbean Gen Web Project


Anguilla Gen Web Project

Antigua & Barbuda

Historic Antigua & Barbuda

Bahama Islands

National Society Daughters of the Revolution - Bahamas Chapter
Bahama Islands Gen Web Project


Burmudian Genealogy & History


Bajan Gen Web Project

British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands Gen Web Project

Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands Gen Web Project


Cuba Gen Web Project


Dominica Gen Web Project

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Gen Web Project


Grenada Gen Web Project


Haiti Gen Web Project


Genealogy of Jamaica


Montserrat Gen Web Project

Netherland Antilles

Netherland Antilles Gen Web Project

Puerto Rico

Genealogy of Puerto Rico

St. Kitts-Nevis

St. Kitts-Nevis Genealogy

St. Lucia

St. Lucia Gen Web Project

St. Vincent

St. Vincent Gen Web Project

Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago Gen Web Project

Turks & Caicos Islands

Turks & Caicos Islands Gen Web Project

U.S. Virgin Islands

U.S. (Danish) Virgin Islands Gen Web Project
Ancestor Discovery Group, Inc.
Virgin Islands Social Historian Associates, Inc.
Caribbean Genealogy Library

Central European Countries

Turn-of-the-century Postcards & Photographs
Repositories of Primary Sources: Europe


Belgian Researchers, Inc.
Peninsula Belgian American Club
Netradyle Center of History & Genealogy
State Archives in Belgium
LibDex: Libraries in Belgium
Emigration from Waasland to US & Canada, 1830-1950
Emigrants from Belgium to the US & Canada
Belgium - Cyndi's List
Belgium-Roots Project
Belgian History Books
Belgian Emigration to the US
Genealogical Society of Flemish Americans
The Car Park - Dutch & Belgian Genealogy
Genealogie in Belgie


Denmark Research Outline
Danish Genealogical Word List - quick guide to common words you'll run across in research
Denmark Mailing Lists
Genealogical Society of Ry
Danish Census Resources
Danish Archive - Northeast U.S. Genealogy Group
DIS-Denmark - Computers in Genealogy Society of Denmark
Computers in Genealogy Society of Denmark
Danish Demographic Database - searchable census database, 1787-1916
Danish Emigration Archives - searchable database, 1869-1904
Danish Immigrant Museum
Danish National Archives
Danish Surname Database - International Genealogical Index also
Danish-American Genealogical Group
Facts About Genealogical Research in Denmark - how-to links
Genealogical Resource Index for Denmark
History of Denmark - from Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Research Outline: Denmark
Tracing Your Danish Ancestors - Royal Danish Embassy


Greenland Gen Web Project


Germany Gen Web Project
Sachsen/Saxony Gen Web Project
Germany Research Outline
German Genealogical Word List
German Genealogical Society of America
Hamburg State Archive - LinkToYourRoots
German Heritage & Genealogy
Germanic Genealogy Society - Saint Paul,MN
Germany Trascribe Group
Resource Page for the Windheim Kirchspiel
Jane's Genalogy Jigsaw: Schleswig-Hostein Genealogy
Mecklenburg Churches
Hamburg Link to Your Roots
Emigrations from Bremen - The number one source in German Genealogy
German American Cultural Heritage
German Genealogical Society of America - GGSA
German Genealogy Information and Resources
German Genealogy: List of Documents
German Life: Culture, History & Travel
German Migration Resource Center - search by ship name, surname, place, etc
German Research Association - GRA
German-American Corner
German-American Corner: History & Heritage
Germanic Alphabet Chart - PDF format
Institute for German Aristocratic Research - click on English summary
Internet Sources of German Genealogy - links
Link To Your Roots
National Archives of the Federal Republic of Germany
Palatines of America
Zeitschrift für Niederdeutsche Familienkunde
Pommern Roots
Germany/Prussia Mailing Lists

Living History

German National Tourist Office
German Touring Company's Europabus
Europrail Pass
Visit Germany!
ADAC Gaste
AutomobilClub von Deutschland


Iceland Mailing Lists
Icelandic Genealogical Word List
Emigration from Iceland to North America
Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice
Emigration from Iceland to North America - genealogy and culture
Icelandic Genealogy Society
National and University Library of Iceland
National Archives of Iceland
History of Iceland - from Embassy of Iceland
Samkoma: The Icelandic/Canadian Meeting Place
Decode Genetics
Antique Maps of Iceland


State Archives of Latvia
Latvia State Historical Archive
American Latvian Association
Latvian Genealogy Hunting Tips
English-Latvian-English Online Dictionary
Latvia Message Boards
Dags' Latvian Genealogy Page
Latvian Gen Web Project


Liechtenstein Gen Web Project
Repositories of Primary Sources: Europe


Lituanian Global Genealogical Society
Lituanian Archives Department
Lituanian-American Genealogical Society
Belzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture
TAKAS Telephone Directory
Genealogy: Terms for Document Translation
Lithuanian Surnames
Lithuanian Research List
Lithuanian Place Name Changes
Lithuanian Heritage Magazine
Luthuanian Global Resources
Lithuanian Genealogical Research
Lithuania Message Boards
How To Find Relatives in Lithuania
Contacting the Archives in Vilnius, Lithuania
Repositories of Primary Sources: Europe
Lithuania/Lietuva - World Gen Web Project


University of St. Thomas O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library Special Collections/Luxembourg Genealogical Resources
National Archives of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Luxembourg Society of Genealogy & Heraldry
GENELUX: Luxembourg-American Genealogy
Luxembourg - Cyndi's List
Repositories of Primary Sources: Europe


Royal Netherlands Society for Genealogy & Heraldry
Netherlands Association of South Florida
National Archives of the Netherlands
Joint Archives of Holland
Dutch Genealogical Association
Central Bureau of Genealogy
USA and the Netherlands
The Dutch Heritage Website
Researching Your Dutch Ancestors
Holland Page
Official website of the Netherlands Board of Tourism
Family Affairs
Dutch Research Center
Dutch Jewish Genealogy
Dutch Genealogy Links
Dutch Genealogy at Geocities
Dutch Genealogy
Dutch Avenue
Netherlands - Cyndi's List
The Car Park - Dutch & Belgian Genealogy
Alkmaar Genealogische Fragmenten
Utrecht Genealogy - Dutch Providence
Dutch Gen Web Project
Dutch Genealogical Word List - quick guide to common words you'll run across in research
Netherlands Research Outline
Olive Tree Genealogy - Dutch links also Mennonites, German Palatines, ship lists, etc
Foundation Genealogical Archive Vermeer
Historische Vereniging Wieringen - Netherlands


Norway Genealogy - World Gen Website
Norway Research Outline
Nordic Genealogy Newsgroup/Mailing List
Norway Mailing Lists
Norwegian Genealogical Word List
Vesterheim Genealogical Center
National Archives of Norway - Digital Archive
Trondelag Norway Genealogy Page
100 Years of Emigrant Ships from Norway - ship and passenger lists
Ancestors from Norway
How to trace your ancestors in Norway
Information from the Government & Ministries
National Archives of Norway
Nordic Genealogy Bulletin Board
Norwegian Emigrant Museum
Norwegian Emigration Center
Norwegian Historical Data Centre - background on the census
Sons of Norway
Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum

Culture & Tourism

Norway Online Information - culture and tourism
Norway Post - news site in English


Poland GenWeb
Polish Genealogical Word List - quick guide to common words you'll run across in research
Kujawsko-Pomorskie Providence - Poland Gen Web
Dolnoslakie - Poland Gen Web
Podkarpadkie Province - Poland Gen Web
Lubuski Providence - Poland Gen Web
Raczki Parish
Polish Language Course - Basic Information about Polish
Slavophila - Slavic & East European Resources
Ahnentafel of Saturnin Roman
American Center of Polish Culture
American Institute of Polish Culture
Poland's Central Archives of Historical Records - English translations included
Polish American Association
Polish American Congress
Polish American Cultural Center
Polish Embassy
Polish Genealogical Society of America
Polish Government Online - information about today's issues
Polish Roots - links and information on everything
Rafal T. Prinke's Polish Genealogy Home Page - lots of links
State Archives of Poland
Polish Connection


Welcome to Swedish Genealogy - World Gen Site
Sweden Research Outline
Swedish Genealogical Word List
Sweden Mailing Lists
DIS Computer Genealogy Society of Sweden
The Swedish Gazetteer
Swedish Genealogical Society of MN
Arkion's Swedish Census Database
SweGGate Ships and Passenger Lists
SweGGate - Sweden Genealogical Gate
Sweden Genealogy Gate
American Swedish Historical Museum
American Swedish Institute
City Guide Sweden
Have you found a Swedish Ancestor? - how-to and links
Indiko - searchable database of records from 44 parishes (subscription required)
Lindesberg, Orebro, Sweden Birth, Death, Marriage Records - User Submitted
Rotter - online Swedish genealogy magazine w/ highlights in English
Swedish Ancestry Research Association
Swedish Archives - addresses
Swedish Church Records Online - putting images online
Swedish Emigration to America - history and links
Swedish Genealogy Society of Minnesota
Swedish Gravestone Inscriptions - website is in Swedish
Swedish National and Regional Archives
Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center
Tips on Tracing your Swedish Ancestry
Demographic Data Base - subscription required
Swedish Emigrants on CD-ROM
Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies
Slakdata Society - Swedish genealogy society, some in English


Switzerland Gen Web Project

Pacific Countries


Genealogical Society of Gladstone District
Rockhampton Map
Western New South Wales Hotels & Publicans Licences from 1865-1900
Northern N.S.W. Fingal Head Public School - 1913-1994
Chillingham Public School Genealogy Project - Northern N.S.W.
Tasmania Coal River Area
Winchester Cemetery in Carnamah, West Australia
Carnamah Historical Society, Western Australia
The Early Days: A History of Tullah, Tasmania
Blue Mountains Family History Society - New South Wales
Queensland Gen Web - Au Gen Web
Port Macquarie & Districts Family History Society - NSW
Orange Family History Group
Franston Historical Society - Ballam Park Historical Homestead, Franston, Victoria
Dungay Public School Website
Heathcote McIvor Historical Society - Victoria
WWII Nominal Roll
South Australian Passenger Lists, 1836-1840
Waratah Museum in Tasmania
Toowoomba Dead Person's Society - Queensland
Carool Public School Genealogy Project
Homestead Leases 1885-1894
Tyalgum Public School in New South Wales
Tumbulgum Public School, Northern N.S.W.
Mildura Historical Society - Victoria
Mildura Carnegie Resource Centre - Victoria
Emerald Genealogy Group in Victoria
Ballina New South Wales Gen Web
Family History Group of Bathurst, Inc.
Australasia Genealogicak Look Up Exchange
Australasia Births, Deaths & Marriages Exchange
Australasia Church Albums Lawarra Family History Society, New South Wales
Western Australia Pioneers
Australia Gen Web Project
New South Wales Australia GenWeb
Miscellaneous Transcripts from Australia
Australian&New Zealand Records - User Submitted
Society of Australian Genealogists
Australia Research Outline
Victorian Local History Index
The Backyard - ABC Local Online
Australian Bureau of Statistics - Census
Maitland Family History Circle Inc.
Manning Wallamba Family History Society
Victorian Association of Family History Organisations Inc.
Tombstone Territory
Chris Bryce's Spare Burials Page
Australasia Births, Deaths and Marriages Exchange

Melanesian Countries

Melanesia Gen Web Project


Fiji Gen Web Project

New Caledonia

New Caledonia

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Gen Web Project

Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands Gen Web Project


Vanuatu Gen Web Project

Islands of Micronesia

Micronesia Gen Web Project


Marianas Gen Web Project

Federated States of Micronesia

Federated States of Micronesia Gen Web Project


Guam Gen Web Project


Kiribati Gen Web Project

Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands Gen Web Project


Nauru Gen Web Project


Palau Gen Web Project

Polynesian Countries

Polynesia Gen Web Project

Cook Islands

Cook Islands Gen Web Project

Easter Island

Easter Island

French Polynesia

French Polynesia Gen Web Project

Midway Islands

Midway Islands Gen Web Project

Niue Island

Niue Island Gen Web Project

Pitcairn Island

Pitcairn Island Ben Web Project


Samoa Gen Web Project


Tahiti Gen Web Project


Tokelau Gen Web Project


Tuvalu Gen Web Project

Wallis & Futuna

Wallis & Futuna Gen Web Project

New Zealand

Sooty's Home Page
Kapiti Branch of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists
Gore Branch of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists
New Zealand Society of Genealogists - Bishopdale Branch
Royal New Zealand Fencible
Hawkes Bay & Poverty Bay
New Zealand Bound (ships)
Hawkes' Bay
Australasia Church Albums
Immigrant Ships to New Zealand from the UK & Ireland 1835 to 1910
Funeral Notices, Obituaries, and many items from Newspapersand Publications around New Zealand
Australian&New Zealand Records - User Submitted
Funeral Notices from Newspapers 1848-1940s

British Isles (U.K.)

Burke's Peerage & Gentry
Rossbret UK Institutions
1901 UK Census
http://www.burkes-Burke's Peerage & Gentry
UK Ancestor
FreeCEN - UK Census Online Project
British Isles Family History Society (BIFHS) - USA

Worcester Lookups
Public Records Office - The National Archives of England, Wales and the U.K.
Anglo Italian Family History Group
Historical Manuscripts Commission - Preserving the UK's Archival Inheritance
Royal Gloucestershire Hussars
Plymouth & South West Devon, a Genealogical Miscellany
IGI Batch Numbers - British Isles
Turn-of-the-century Postcards & Photographs
Repositories of Primary Sources: Europe
Taverns and Public Houses in 1839
Local History
Genealogy Centre for UK & Ireland
Family History Ltd
UK & Ireland Records - User Submitted
United Kingdom's Royal Mail
National Statistics
College of Arms - English, Welsh, Northern Irish and Commonwealth
UK People Finder
UK School Friend Finder
Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire
Ordnance Survey - Britain's national mapping agency
UK Street Maps - online street maps of greater London and road maps of the rest of the country
Midlands Ancestry UK Research - UK local & National archives
UK Mailing Lists
Stone and Quarry Men of the West Country - Cornwall and Devon
British Isles Gen Web Project
British Isles Family History Society - USA
Sources for Previous Research in the British Isles

Channel Islands

Geoff Wright's Channel Islands Research Site


Cornish Surnames
St. Austell Parish
Withiel & St. Allen Online Parish Resources
Cornish Online Census Project
Cornish Extended Family
My Cornish Website
Kernow's West Penwith Genealogy


Destitute Poor Removed from England to Ireland, 1860-1862
Banburyshire - in North Oxfordshire, Warwickshire & Northamptonshire
Wiltshire Local Newspaper Master Index
London Merchants of 1677
National Archives PROCAT
Genfindit - English, Scottish, Irish & Australasia Vital Records Ordering Service
Access to Archives - UK Archives Network
Kent's Directory 1740 - alphabetical listing of names & places of abode of directors of companies, persons in publick business, merchants, etc
A Little History of Cherington & Stourton - Warwickshire
Bromyard & District Local History Society - Herefordshire
Friends of Sunderland Old Parish Church - The Rector Gray Society
Sarah Hawkins Genealogy Site - transcriptions for South Somerset
Sussex Free Census
Ancestor Super Search: pre-1930 English genealogical data
Liverpool City Council
West Briton & Cornwall Advertiser - Newspaper Abstracts & Extracts
Churchyard of St. Martin's Exning
North West Derbyshire Sources
Parishes of the Cotswolds & Surrounds
North Meols Family History Society
Devon County Genealogy & Family History
Surrey County Wills Index
English Origins
1901 Census of England & Wales
Northampton Church Photos
Archive Group of Sandwell - borough of Sandwell in the English Midlands
Leigh in Lancashire
History of The Grove, Stanmore, Middlesex
Southwick History & Preservation Society
St. Albans Cemeteries
Clay Cross, near Chesterfield in Derbyshire County
Liverpool Cemetery, Anfield
Blockley Parish (previously in Worestershire, now in Gloucestershire)
County of Hertford - England Gen Web
Pannal Village, WRY Yorkshire UK
English Parish Registers
Liverpool Cemeteries
Dorset Parish Register Baptisms, Marriages & Burials
Genealogy of the Cotswolds & Surrounds of England
British Ancestors.Com
Somerset Archive
Gloucestershire Archive
Bristol - City & County Archive
The George Muller Foundation
Guys of Bottesford, Leicestershire
Mellor Society
North East Derbyshire
England Gen Web Project
Kelly's [Trade] Directory of Monmouthshire for 1901 - includes map
Liverpool Marriages & Obituaries
Moss Valley - Wales and broad UK
Memorials in the burial ground of St. John the Evangelist Church, Staincross
Memorials in St. James Church - Thornes, Wakefield, West Yorkshire
Burial Ground of the Demolished 1st Baptist Church, Baptist Lane, Ossett
Churches in the Wakefield Area - West Yorkshire
41st Regiment Deserters
The Glamorgan Family History Society
Devon - Online Parish Clerks Project
Lincolnshire, School Teachers, Headmasters, Headmistresses - England GenWeb/Licolnshire GenWeb Project
Ancestor Super Search - English data before 1930
Bedale, Yorkshire near Herriot Country and Dales
British Heritage
Civil Registration in England & Wales - A guide to birth, marriage and death records
County Record Offices - links to individual counties of England
England - Cyndi's List
England Research Outline
English Origins
Family Records Centre - how to order records from England
Family Tree Magazine (England)
Federation of Family History Societies - every county has a society that is a member
Francis Frith Collection - photos of British towns and villages 1860-1970
FreeREG - Search English Parish Register Transcripts and Indexes
Gazetteer of British Place Names - find the ancient or geographical county for place names
Gloucestershire England GenWeb Project
Office of National Statistics - downloadable form for ordering birth certs through mail (full not 'short')
Research Information Leaflets
Saving Graves: England
The British Heraldic Archive
Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies - UK
Liverpool Photographers - help date your pictures
Hampshire on England GenWeb
Herefordshire - England Gen Web Project
Shropshire - England Gen Web Project
Tracing your English Roots
Free Historic Maps - England
English Researcher
Liverpool and Southwest Lancashire Family History Society
Kent Genealogy
Abney Park Cemetery Trust
FreeBMD Scan2 Syndicate
Lists of UK Mines - Coal Mining History Resource Centre

Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands Gen Web Project


Gibraltar Gen Web Project


Irish Genealogy
Destitute Poor Removed from England to Ireland, 1860-1862
Al Beagan's 'Genealogy Notes' of County Cavan
Diocese of Kilmore
County Cavan - Ireland Gen Web
County Tyrone
Ashfield Parish, County Cavan, Baptismal Register 1821-1864
Irish Holocaust
Genfindit - English, Scottish, Irish & Australasia Vital Records Ordering Service
From Ireland - records
IreAtlas Townland Database
Ireland Book List - lookups available
Baronies & Civil Parishes of County Cavan
County Cavan 1821 Census Crosserlough Parish
County Cavan Newspapers Transcription Project
National Library of Ireland
Ireland Newspaper Abstracts
Donegal County
Ireland Gen Web Project [1]
Ireland Gen Web Project [2]
Northern Ireland Gen Web Project
County Antrim - Northern Ireland Gen Web
County Carlow - Ireland Gen Web
County Wicklow - Ireland Gen Web
County Kilkenny - Ireland Gen Web Project
Ireland Research Outline
Research Guidance v2.0
(Civil) Parish of Drumcree in Ard Macha (Armagh)
Drumcree Civil Parish
Ireland Genealogy Projects
Ireland Newspaper Transcriptions (pre-1930)
The Irish Times
Representative Church Body Library - Dublin
Land Registry & Registry of Deeds - Dublin
Public Records Office of N. Ireland
General Register Office of N. Ireland - Belfast
General Register Office of Ireland - Dublin
County Mayo
County Meath, Republic of Ireland - "The Royal County"
Irish Origins
Irish Surnames
Scotch-Irish & Ulster Scots Family Research
Irish Ancestors /Browse
County Tyrone Genealogy
Ulster Historical Foundation
County Cavan
County Wicklow Genealogy
4th Irish Genealogical Congress
A to Z of Irish Genealogy
About NIFHS - Irish Place Names and Family Names
Brown Research Associates, Inc.
Clan McLaughlin Society
Clare County Library
Coats of Arms in Ireland and from around the world
Coleraine Historical Society
County Limerick
Dublin City Public Libraries - Archives
Edmond Wreck
Family History
Fianna Study Group Guide to Irish Genealogy Research
Finding the Origin of Your Ancestors in Ireland
Genealogical Society of Ireland
Genealogy Helplist Ireland
Homepage Newtownsandes ON-LINE
How To Use Griffith's Valuation
Ireland - Irish cemetery records
Ireland Genealogy - Researching Irish Ancestors and Roots
Ireland Newspaper Abstracts
Irep's Home Page
Irish Ancestors - Wills
Irish Ancestors-
Irish Irish Genealogy Homepage
Irish Ancestors/Surnames
Irish Family History Foundation for Irish Roots
Irish FAQ Contents
Irish Genealogical Society International
Irish Genealogy
Irish Genealogy - Irish Genealogy,Bookstore
Irish History on the Web
Irish in America Genealogy Names
Irish Links
Irish Times (newspaper) - online ancestors database - $5.00
Kathryn McCarthy
Library & Info. Studies Bibliography
Library of Congress Subject Ireland--Genealogy
Limerick County Ireland CMCR Project
Links to Irish Names
Monaghans of Donegal
National Archives of Ireland - Genealogy Page
National Library of Ireland
National University of Ireland
Irish Genealogical Foundation
On-line Irish Names Research Directory
Public Records Of Northern Ireland
Rook Family's Home Page
RootsWeb Guide Lesson number21
Surname Lists
The Irish Ancestral Research Association (TIARA)
Uasal - A Source for Irish Nobility, Heraldry & Genealogy
Ulster Historical Foundation, Irish and Scots-Irish family history research
WWI Aces of Ireland
County Down, Ireland

Isle of Man

Isle of Man Gen Web Project
GENUKI : Isle of Man
Isle of Man Lookup Page


Dumfriesshire 1841 Census
Genfindit - English, Scottish, Irish & Australasia Vital Records Ordering Service
Banffshire Free Census Project - 1841
GENUKI: Scotland
Nairnshire - Free Census Project
Skipness Parish, Argyllshire Records
1841 Perthshire Census - UK Free Census Project
Selkirkshire - Scotland Gen Web
Scottish Documents
Scotlands People
National Library of Scotland
West Lothian 1841 Census
Clackmannanshire - Scotland Free Census Project
Borders Region
East Lothian - UK-FeeCensus Project
Scots Origins
Argyll 1841 Census Page - FreeCENS
Scotland - Cyndi's List
Rampant Scotland Directory - Genealogy - clan info, census & cemetery records

All About Scotland & the Scottish Highlands
Scottish Association of Family History Societies
Ancestral Scotland
Scots Origins
Ever A Scot
Scotch-Irish & Ulster Scots Family Research
British Ancestors.Com
Scotland Gen Web Project
The Wigtownshire Pages
Scotland On Line - Heritage Channel
Saving Graves: Scotland
Scottish gift shop for tartans and clans with secure online shopping
General Register Office for Scotland
Scots Origins
Ulster Scots Conference
Scotland Royalty - Scottish Genealogy of the Kings&Queens of Scotland
Scottish Tartan Society
Scotland Research Outline
Scotland BDM Exchange - BDM=Birth, Death & Marriage
National Archives of Scotland
National Statistics
Scot Talk: the talk of Scotland
Stair Parish Church, Ayrshire - online baptismal register 1862-1917
National Archives of Scotland Fact Sheets - Wills & Testaments
Scottish Archives Network
SCT. Wigtownshire Reference Pages
Aberdeenshire Roots

St. Helena

St. Helena Family History


Maryland Welsh Society
Glamorgan Mailing List
Glamorgan Free Census
Carnarvon Traders - a listing
Wales Gen Web Project
Wales Research Outline
A Welsh Course
Wales Genealogy Links
V Wales - Free Welsh Language Course
Ninnau - North American Welsh Newspaper
Genealogy Wales
Data Wales
West Glamorgan Archive Service
The Welsh National Gymanfa Ganu Association
Wales International
Powys County Archives Office
Pembrokeshire Record Office
North American Association for the Study of Welsh Culture & History - NAASWCH
National Welsh American Foundation
National Library of Wales
National Archives (Public Records Office)
Madog Center for Welsh Studies
Gwynedd County Archives
Gwent Record Office
Glamorgan Record Office
Flintshire County Council
Denbighshire County Council
Conwy Archive Service
Ceredigion Archives
Carmarthenshire Archive Service
Association of Family History Societies of Wales
Anglesey County Record Office
A.N. Palmer Centre for Local Studies & Archives
Welsh-American Genealogical Society
Welsh Family History Society, London (England) Branch
Free BMD(Birth, Marriage, Death)
1901 Census of England & Wales
Dolgellau History Pages
Maerdy Community Centre, South Wales
Wales Genealogy
Axis Historical Society
Civil Registration in England & Wales - A guide to birth, marriage and death records
Moss Valley - Wales and broad UK

Middle Eastern Countries

Turn-of-the-century Postcards & Photographs


Bahrain Gen Web Project


Egyptian Gen Web Project


Iran Gen Web Project


Iraq Gen Web Project


Israel Gen Web Project


Jordan Gen Web Project


Kuwait Genealogy


Lebanon Gen Web Project


Oman Gen Web Project


Palestine Gen Web Project


Qatar Gen Web Project

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia


Syria Gen Web Project


Turkey Gen Web Project
Istanbul Gen Web Project

United Arab Emirates

UAE Gen Web Project


Yemen Gen Web Project

North American Countries

North American Gen Web Project
Federation of Genealogical Societies - US and Canada
Society Hall at Family History.Com
North American Pre-Contact Native Culture Areas GIS Map


Ambergris Caye
Belize Gen Web Project


Kent County - Ontario Gen Web
Kent County Genealogy - New Brunswick
Field of Stones - cemeteries in Ontario
Nipissing District Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society
Newfoundland & Labrador Provinces
Cranbrook Genealogy Interest Group - British Columbia
Ontario Obituaries
Cemeteries in the County of Oxford
Qualicom Beach Family Historical Society - British Columbia
Weldford Parish Historical Society - New Brunswick
Rocky Mountain Region - British Columbia Gen Web
Sault Ste Marie & District of Algoma - Ontario
History & Genealogy of Necum Teuch, Mitchell Bay, Smiley's Point - Nova Scotia Gen Web - Halifax County
Alton Cemetery Index - Ontario
Canadian Genealogy Centre - National Archives & Library of Canada
Nipissing District - Ontario Gen Web
Fort McMurray Branch of Alberta Genealogical Societ
4 Townships Cemetery Photos - Carrick Twp, Bruce Co; Howick Twp, Huron Co; Minto Twp, Wellington Co; Normanby Twp, Grey Co
Gaspe Peninsula Gen Web - Gaspe Peninsula & Magdalen Islands
Tancook Island
Abitibi-Temiscamingue Gen Web Project - Quebec
Erin Twp, Wellington County, Ontario Records
Obituary & Funeral Announcements - Thunder Bay District & Rural Areas
Kawartha Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society - Peterborough, Ontario, encompasses Peterborough, Victoria, Haliburton & Northumberland counties
Whitchurch-Stouffville Public Library - Stouffville, Ontario
Canadian Genealogy Corner
1891 Census for the Township of Innisfil in the County of Simcoe
Cape Breton Genealogy - Nova Scotia
Cote-Nord - Quebec Gen Web
Waterloo County - Ontario Gen Web
Cape Breton Genealogical & Historical Association - Nova Scotia
Chezzetcook Historical Society - Nova Scotia
Wetaskiwin Genealogical Society - Alberta
People of Western Kings, Nova Scotia, 1785-1901
Gerrard's Island, Nova Scotia
Walker School of West Zorra
Timiskaming & District Gen Web
Knowlesville, New Brunswick
Moose Jaw Branch of Saskatchewan Genealogical Society
Oxford County - Ontario Gen Web
Moser River, Halifax County, Nova Scotia
Moose Head, Halifax County, Nova Scotia
British Coumbia Genealogical Society
Canadian Genealogy & History Links - Yukon
Canadian Genealogy & History Links - Nunavut
NW Territories - Canadian Archival Resources on the Internet
Saskatchewan Gen Web
Genealogy in Quebec
Prince Edward Island: Genealogy
Ontario Gen Web Project
Nova Scotia Genealogy Resources
Historical Directory of Newfoundland & Labrador Newspapers, 1806-1996
New Brunswick - Canadian Archival Resources on the Internet
Western Manitoba Genealogy Project
British Columbia Vital Statistics Agency
Alberta Heritage Digitalization Project
Cold Lake & District Genealogy Club
Pioneer Cemetery Heritage Society of St. Margaret's Bay
Peace River Region - British Columbia Gen Web
Clements Historical Society in Nova Scotia
Northumberland County - New Brunswick Gen Web
Calvary Catholic Cemetery of Sacred Heart Catholic Parish, Rossland, British Columbia
Quebec - Canada Gen Web Project
Cemeteries Site of the South Okanagan - British Columbia
Bruce County Genealogical Society - Ontario
Grand Falls Genealogy Club - New Brunswick
Abbotsford Genealogical Society - British Columbia
National Archives Genealogy Research Section
Early Canadiana Online
Upper St. John River Valley - N. Aroostook Co, ME & Madawaska Co, New Brunswick
Montreal, East - Quebec Gen Web
Montreal - Quebec Gen Web
Ontario Birth Registrations
Berwick Register Newspaper Extracts Project
Watt Section, Halifax County, Nova Scotia
Quoddy, Halifax County, Nova Scotia
Port Dufferin, Halifax County, Nova Scotia
Lochaber Mines, Halifax County, Nova Scotia
East Quoddy, Halifax County, Nova Scotia
Beaver Harbour, Halifax County, Nova Scotia
Peterborough County Gen Web
Whitby-Oshawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society
Grey County, Ontario - Gen Web
Northeastern Ontario Canada Gravemarker Gallery
Rainy River District - Ontario Gen Web
Harrow Early Immigrant Research Society - Township of Colchester South & the Town of Harrow, Ontario & Essex County References
Sheet Harbour, Halifax County, Nova Scotia
Acadian Cultural Society">American French Genealogical Society Alberta Family Histories Society
Yukon Archives
Saskatchewan Archives Board
Archives Nationales Du Quebec
Prince Edwards Island Archives & Records
Archives of Ontario
Nova Scotia Archives & Records Management
NWT Archives
Provincial Archives of Newfoundland & Labrador
Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
Provincial Archives - Alberta Community Development
Upper Canada Genealogy
Parks Canada
Canadian Encyclopedia Online
Search Engine for Genealogy in Canada
Black Loyalists: Our History, Our People
Artefacts Canada
British Columbia Archives
U.S. Records of Immigration across the U.S.-Canadian Border, 1895-1954
Pier 21 (museum)
New England Historic Genealogical Society - extensive Canadian holdings
Bibliotheque Genealogique et d'Histoire Sociale
Province of Manitoba
Provincial Archives of Manitoba
Confederation of Associations of Families Acadian
Canadian Archival Resources on the Internet
Cariboo-Chilcotin region of British Columbia Gen Web
Musquodoboit Valley, Nova Scotia
Alberta Gen Web Archives
Western Canada Obituaries
Prospect, Halifax County, Nova Scotia
Ontario Genealogy Projects
Genealogy Help List Canada">Jeddore, Nova Scotia Algoma District, Ontario
Project GenWeb du Quebec
Orphans Home Website
County of Vermilion River, Alberta
St. Albans Lists
Albert County, New Brunswick
Puslinch Historical Society (Ontario)
American-Canadian Genealogical Society - outlines membership criteria, resource services, activities and library resource
Alberta Research Outline
Banff County, Alberta
Birchtown Archeology
British Columbia Research Outline
Calgary County, Alberta
Canada Newspaper Abstracts
Canada Research Outline
Canadian County Atlas Digital Project
Canadian Genealogy & History Links
Canadian Heraldry/ L'Heraldique
Canadian Records - User Submitted
Clearwater County, Alberta
DeBay Cove, Nova Scotia
Digby County, Nova Scotia
Essex and Kent County Transcripts
Frontenac Co. Ontario
Grand Manan Parish, Charlotte County, New Brunswick - Gen Web Genealogy
Kings County, Nova Scotia
Laval Gen Web Project
Manitoba Research Outline
Manitoulin District Gen Web
Manitoulin District, Ontario
National Archives of Canada in Ottawa
National Library of Canada
New Brunswick Research Outline
Newfoundland Research Outline
Nova Scotia Museum
Nova Scotia Research Outline
Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid
Ontario Marriages 1800 - 1924
Ontario Research Outline
Peel County Email List
Perry Sound GenWeb
Prince Edward Island Research Outline
Quebec Research Outline
Saskatchewan Genealogical Society
Saskatchewan Research Outline
Societe Historique de Bellechasse (Quebec)
South Okanagan Genealogical Society - British Columbia
White's Lake, Nova Scotia
Canada Gen Web Project

Costa Rica

Costa Rica Gen Web Project

El Salvador

La Genealogia de El Salvador


Guatemala Gen Web Project
L'Archivo General de Centro America, Guatemala
Biblioteca Nacional de Guatemala


Honduras Gen Web Project


Baja California Sur
Archivo General de la Nacion - Mexico
Biblioteca Nacional de Mexico
Sociedad Genealogica del Norte de Mexico
Mailing List for Mexican History
Mailing List for English-speaking genealogists interested in Spanish-speaking countries
Victor's Homeland
LANIC - Fundacion Tavera: Mexico
Genealogy of Mexico
Librodearena A.C. - Queretaro
Mexico Gen Web Project
National Hispanic Cultural Center
Mexico Research Outline


Panama Gen Web Project
Biblioteca Nacional de Panama

United States

South American Countries

Latin America Research Outline
South American Gen Web Project
Maps of Latin America - LANIC
French Antilles


Archivo General de la Nacion
Biblioteca Nacional Republica Argentina English site


Biblioteca Nacional
Brazil Research Outline
Distrito Federal
Espirito Santo
Mato Grosso
Mato Grosso do Sul
Minas Gerais
Rio de Janeiro
Rio Grande do Norte
Rio Grande do Sul
Santa Catarina
Sao Paulo Gen Web


Archivo Biblioteca Nacionales de Bolivia




Guyana Gen Web Project
Guyana National Library


Paraguay Gen Web Project


Peru Gen Web Project
Biblioteca Nacional del Peru


Suriname World Gen Web Project
Anton De Kom Universiteit van Suriname


Uruguay Gen Web Project


Biblioteca Nacional de Venezuela
Venezuelan Genealogy Resources

Scandinavian Countries

L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site
Nordic Heritage Museum - only US museum celebrating immigration from all of Scandinavia
Nordic Notes
Nordic Pages
Societas Heraldica Scandinavica
Society of the Advancement of Scandinavian Study - electronic resources for the Scandinavian scholar
Viking Home Page
Viking Network
Viking Heritage Server & Database
Baltic Sea Gen Web Project
Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga Exhibit
Travel Genie - order detailed maps of Sweden, Norway and Denmark

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